We believe in developing optimum TMS solutions, enabling ground breaking neuroscience, medical research & diagnostics.

Why Magstim®?

Versatile TMS Solutions

The Magstim range of TMS stimulators and coils combine to make an incredibly versatile, effective range of neuromodulation devices.

As a trusted manufacturer and supplier, we work with researchers to provide cost-effective, innovative solutions for a variety of research opportunities.

Installation & Training

Magstim offers a professional installation & training service with all of its stimulators. Training includes hands-on experience and a certificate for all attendees.

Whats more, certified service training courses are available for suitable qualified personnel.

Built To Last

We guarantee our stimulators for 2 years and offer technical support for a minimum of 7 years from date of sale (in most cases longer). Many stimulators can be upgraded to expand functionality and in the event your product does become obsolete we also offer a trade in scheme.

By Pioneers, For Pioneers

In 1982, Polson et. al, a research team at Sheffield university, designed a magnetic stimulator as a tool to stimulate peripheral nerves non-invasively. This work was taken up commercially by Novametrix medical systems, which evolved in the newly formed Magstim® in 1990.

We have been key to the evolution of magnetic stimulation from its inception and cherish our connection to the cutting edge of brain stimulation and medical research.

Trusted Worldwide

Magstim® stimulators have been used in research studies worldwide for more than 25 years and have been used in more TMS studies published today than any other manufacturer1

Service & Support

Our dedicated team of service & support engineers are committed to providing support, advice and if necessary, repair. Some services may also be available on-site by a local Magstim representative.

Innovative Neuromodulation

Magstim - The Brains Behind TMS

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