A cost-effective modular system for Direct Current (DC) stimulation, designed specifically for both research and clinical use.

The HDCkit consists of a stimulator (HDCstim), a programmer (HDCprog) and a set of electrodes (HDCel) that also has the option of a headcap. The benefit of a modular system is that it minimises the risk of any misuse of the stimulator by the patient or subject. The researcher or clinician remains in complete control, with the result that applications or treatments are administered correctly every time.

The researcher or clinician requires only one HDCprog to programme any number of stimulators. Researchers or clinicians can order additional HDCstims as and when required.

The HDCStim unit is portable, battery operated and designed for home use by a subject or patient*. The basic HDCkit package contains everything required to administer tDCS. The HDCkit is fully programmable and can run any number of applications or treatments within its parameters.

* The HDCkit should only be used under the guidance of a trained medical professional.

  • Cognitive neuroscience

    TMS is one of the most important tools in modern cognitive neuroscience. It allows researchers to interfere with brain processes in specific areas at specific times. This capability opens up the possibility of improving functions with magnetic stimulation and has yielded a great deal of knowledge about interaction between brain areas. Read more
  • Psychiatry

    rTMS is a key frontline treatment for major depressive disorder (MDD), approved in the USA, Canada, Japan and Europe. It is also has potential for alleviating other conditions including migraine, neuropathic pain and some psychiatric illnesses. Read more
  • Research techniques

    TMS can be used in conjunction with other major techniques in physiology, cognition and basic neuroscience. This includes PET, fMRI, EEG, eye-tracking, tDCS, single unit recording and in neurotransmitter binding studies. Read more

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Configure your Magstim system

Configure your Magstim system

Create a bespoke TMS system for your intended area of research or treatment