Research techniques

TMS can be used in conjuntion with single unit recording, EEG, PET or fMRI

The utility of TMS as a research tool is enhanced when it is used in conjunction with other techniques in physiology, cognition and basic neuroscience.

For example, used in combination with EEG it allows investigators to assess the role of oscillations in cognitive function and to assess interactions between different brain areas. 

Using TMS with fMRI, researchers are able to study the generation of the BOLD response and also to investigate connectivity changes in the brain as a function of learning in real time. 

It can also be used in conjunction with single unit recording studies, and in ligand binding studies.


The combination of either the Rapid2 rTMS stimulator or M2002 single pulse stimulator with the ASALab EEG data recording solution allows the assessment of cognitive function as well as the ability to establish interactions between cognitive regions and functions. Broad cortical areas can be targeted with the 90mm circular coil or more focal areas with the figure of eight, D70 Alpha coil.

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Products used in this area

  • Magstim 2002
    Magstim 2002
    The 200² is a single pulse, monophasic stimulator used for cortical and peripheral stimulation. Read more
  • Magstim Rapid2
    Magstim Rapid2
    The Magstim Rapid² is a system capable of high frequency, repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS). It is ideal for therapeutic applications as well as a wide variety of research fields. Read more
  • Double 70mm Alpha Coil
    Double 70mm Alpha Coil
    Focal stimulation, sleek design and easy to manoeuvre Read more
  • ANT asalab
    ANT asalab
    Your EEG & ERP data recording solution. Read more
  • Double 70mm Alpha Coated Coil
    Double 70mm Alpha Coated Coil
    Polyurethane coating for more efficient stimulation, focus and manoeuvrability Read more
  • HDCKit
    HDCkit is a cost-effective modular system for Direct Current (DC) stimulation, designed specifically for both research and clinical use. Read more
  • HDCProg
    An easy-to-use touch-screen LCD programmer for tDCS treatments & protocols. Read more
  • HDCStim
    The HDCstim is a battery supplied, programmable stimulator that is used to administer direct current (DC) stimulation. Read more
  • HDCel
    The HDCel is a set of accessories for the administration of DC stimulation from the HDCStim. Read more
  • Single 90mm Remote Control Coil
    Single 90mm Remote Control Coil
    Circular, double-sided coil with remote power adjustment and triggering functionality. Read more
Configure your Magstim system

Configure your Magstim system

Create a bespoke TMS system for your intended area of research or treatment