Alpha B.I. Coil Range

The Alpha B.I. coil range (coated) features a variety of sizes (40-70mm) to allow for simultaneous stimulation of two centres of the brain. This allows the user to investigate cortical interactions and the timing of information transmission.

The ergonomic design of the coil range provides comfort in positioning, allowing users to maintain the coil’s position for longer periods.


Alpha BI compare

 Compatibilty200², BiStim², Rapid² family
CoilD40 Alpha B.I.(Coated)D50 Alpha B.I.(Coated)D60 Alpha B.I.(Coated)D70 Alpha B.I.(Coated)
Average Inductance18µH18µH15µH17µH
Outside Coil Diameter2 x Ø72MM2 x Ø75MM2 x Ø76MM2 x Ø92MM
CSA 7.5mm²7.5mm²7.5mm²10.5mm²
Coil Cable Length 1.8 – 2m1.8 – 2m1.8m – 2m1.8 – 2m
Approximate Weight1.69kg1.68kg 1.64kg1.84kg
Peak Magnetic FieldMagstim 200² >= 2.39T>= 2.3T>= 2.1T>= 1.52T
Magstim Rapid²>= 1.44T>= 1.33T >= 1.13T>= 0.96T

Users of the in the USA please note: CAUTION: Investigational device. Limited by Federal (or United States) Law to investigational use. In accordance with US federal regulations an IDE and/or IRB approval may be required.

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