Setting up a TMS Clinic

Thinking of setting up a TMS clinic?

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is one of the fastest growing treatments for treatment-resistant depression (TRD). TMS is a proven safe and effective non-invasive treatment that can be offered as an additional service within an established practice, or in a dedicated TMS clinic. Read more about TMS Therapy.

We spoke to our UK Sales Manager Andrew Dixon, who works with clinics to help them get established, to get his top tips for setting up a TMS clinic:

Location: Where to setup your clinic?

“First and foremost, you need to think about patient access. Patients will be coming for treatments every day for up to six weeks so the clinic needs to be well-located, ideally on a bus route, near a train station or with good parking facilities on site.”

“The building itself is important too. It should be in a quiet and discreet location that allows patients to relax and feel at ease without any disruption or distractions during treatment. Try to create a peaceful, calm and safe environment for patients.”

Type of machine: Buying a TMS system

“Choosing the right TMS therapy machine is vital. You will want a machine that is easy to operate and flexible, allowing you greater freedom in the nature of treatments you offer, both now and in the future. Magstim’s Horizon Performance has been designed to be a fully comprehensive TMS therapy system and is ideal for a dedicated TMS clinic.”

“It features the new E-z Cool Coil, which regulates the temperature of the coil, providing uninterrupted protocols and a faster patient throughput.”   

“You’ll also need training and on-going support to compliment the machine, Magstim offers this with all therapy machines. Our experts train staff in how to successfully and optimally operate the systems and offer advice and guidance to ensure you have everything you need in place.”

Staff: Who to hire?

“We always recommend treatment is prescribed and overseen by an experienced, qualified psychiatrist.” 

“Personable, professional technicians will also put the patient at ease and enhance their therapy sessions.” 

Regulations: Make sure you are covered

“In the UK, It’s important to have medical indemnity insurance and CQC (Care Quality Commission) registration in place straight away.”

Regulations vary by country so it is best to talk to an expert about what is required in your territory before setting up a TMS clinic.

Consultation path: How and where?

“Choosing the right consultation path is key to patient care. Patients expect a high level of care and service so offering both online and face-to-face consultations is a good way to ensure your patients can get the service they need, in a way that is convenient and suitable for their individual needs.”

For more detailed information and advice about setting up a TMS clinic, talk to our experts.

Buying A TMS Therapy System?

The Magstim® TMS therapy range provides high performance, versatile, TMS solutions to fit a variety of business cases. Browse the range and request a quote online.

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