What is Neuromodulation?


Neuromodulation has been studied in various forms for decades resulting in a range of clinical therapies and emerging applications including transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) and electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) to name a few. We hope to answer some questions about neuromodulation here.
Magstim TMS Coil brain scan

The definition of Neuromodulation

Neuromodulation is defined as “the alteration of nerve activity through the delivery of a stimulus”. There are several types of neuro-modulatory stimuli, each with different attributes and applications.

Types of Neuromodulation

Neuro-modulatory stimuli can be delivered in the form of magnetic pulses such as with TMS and peripheral magnetic stimulation (PMS), electrical stimulation such as with deep brain stimulation (DBS), transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), ECT, and VNS, or pharmacological stimulation using medicines.


Applications for neuromodulation include diagnostics, therapies for a wide range of disorders, as well as a tool for medical and neuroscientific research. As neuromodulation is a widely diverse field, applications are individual to the type of stimulation.

Magnetic stimulation, as delivered by Magstim stimulators, is versatile as well as being non-invasive. Magstim stimulators can be used to stimulate peripheral nerves or the human cortex for clinical, diagnostic and in some cases therapeutic use; and as a research tool for the investigation of anatomy, physiology and potential therapeutic effects.


Magnetic stimulation enables deep, and otherwise inaccessible, nerves to be stimulated easily and
relatively painlessly with no skin preparation required. 


We believe in developing optimum neuromodulation solutions, enabling ground breaking neuroscience, medical research & diagnostics.


Our range of stimulators and coils provide cost-effective, flexible solutions for a wide range of applications such as PMS, rTMS, iTBS or diagnostics.


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