TMS Health Education – Hands-on Symposium

A comprehensive, 4-day hands on TMS course with CME Accreditiation; the TMS health education course is the only USA West Coast TMS Symposium. Exclusive offer code for Magstim contacts detailed inside.

Neuromodulation in depression

Neuromodulation in Depression An In-Depth View This collaborative event provides a unique opportunity of an in-depth, comprehensive view into setting up or expanding into a neuromodulation clinic for depression therapy. This event is particularly targeted at those actively looking into delivering neuromodulation in depression at their clinic, and those actively looking into setting up a […]

Workshop: From Genesis to Clinical Applications

Magstim are proud to announce Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) – From Genesis to Clinical Applications Brain Stimulation Conference 2019 Workshop Anthony T. Barker & Linda L Carpenter Open to attendees of the 2019 International Brain Stimulation Conference 2019 Book your place now Speakers: Anthony T. Barker, PhD, Professor Anthony T. Barker FIET FIPEM. University of Sheffield Medical […]

Certified EU TMS Course – London

Magstim is a proud sponsor of the European TMS Certification Course. Researchers, Clinicians, and Academics from Maastricht University provide the renowned European TMS Certification Course to be held in London, UK with a focus on the clinical applications of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). Please note, this course is sponsored but not organized by Magstim. For full […]