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HIPAA Compliant TMS software provides new level of data designed to improve quality control metrics for patients and practices

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. & Carmarthenshire, UK – (April 28, 2022) – Magstim, the global leader in neuroscience research and treatment for mental health, has launched Magstim Analytics, a powerful data analysis tool to help improve the transcranial magnetic stimulation practice, treater and patient experience. Designed to integrate and enhance the Horizon 3.0 TMS system, Analytics aggregates and displays data relating to treaters, patients, devices, and organizations.

“Analytics provides access to the highest quality TMS control metrics, ultimately helping healthcare providers improve patient outcomes,” said Scott Rees, Corporate Director, Research and Development. “Our team consulted with industry leading practitioners to build a software program making the power of care more personal by allowing control of TMS practice and patient data.”

When combined with Magstim Horizon 3.0, Analytics offers:

  • Patient Assessment Tracking and Comparison
  • Clinical Site Accuracy Analytics
  • Treater Analysis
  • rMT Analytics
  • Outcomes Registry and Prospective Study Optimization     
  • Review and Assess Patient Survey Scores (PhQ-9, Ham-D, etc)
  • Export Treatment History Data          
  • Customize and Download Patient Reports   

Magstim Horizon 3.0 was launched in November of 2021. USA practices using this system have delivered over 3,000,000 combined pulses, enhancing clinical workflows with navigated TMS and added layers of analytics. Magstim developed the first TMS system more than 30 years ago and over 16,000 studies published worldwide cite the use of Magstim stimulators.

To learn more about Horizon 3.0 and the entire family of Magstim research and clinical neurotechnology innovations, visit or call 844-624-7846.

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