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StimGuide – the Gamechanger

Provider Spotlight with Dr Brian Forsythe – Dallas Psychiatry TMS Clinic

We recently spoke with Dr Forsythe to find out about the positive impact that StimGuide has had on his practice and patients.

Firstly, how are you managing during this COVID-19 crisis?

We are continuing to see new and existing patients. In fact, we had three new patients start with us just last month.

My staff and I believe that it is important to be here for our patients and community during this stressful time. Of course, our clinic has adjusted our safety protocols to keep the environment safe for both patients and my team.

How has the introduction of StimGuide changed the way that you do TMS?

StimGuide is a gamechanger. It is such a superior way to find the correct location and get it right every time. Patients notice the difference too as often they move slightly in the chair which impacts on coil positioning but StimGuide’s real-time tracking visually alerts you immediately if the position has changed.

In fact, since using StimGuide I have never had a patient say that the coil isn’t in the right spot. Before using StimGuide, we would sometimes have patients remark that the coil felt that is wasn’t in the same position as it was last time.

“StimGuide is a gamechanger. Since using StimGuide I have never had a patient say that the coil isn’t in the right spot.”

Dr Brian Forsythe – Dallas Psychiatry TMS Clinic

So patients notice the difference?

Absolutely, patients really like it and they are fascinated by the new technology – it gives them more confidence in the treatment.
StimGuide increases quality control regardless of who carries out the treatment, the treatment target will always be same.

Are there any other benefits you have seen?

Another feature that really stands out is the ability to get lower motor thresholds. I consider myself an expert at mapping out motor thresholds with patients but occasionally you come across a challenging scenario where the patient has a very high motor threshold (MT)

With StimGuide, I am often able to conduct the MT determination faster and at lower thresholds because of the integrated EMG feature. I don’t always have to use this feature but once I had a patient who was at the highest level of machine output with another system and so I decided to remap her using this StimGuide EMG feature.

It’s very important to get the mapping done accurately because this plays a major role in ‘dosage’ and tolerability for each patient.
StimGuide really does give me the upper hand when it comes to patient confidence and consistency.


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