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Who invented TMS?


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Credit: The Brainclinics Foundation –

Professor Anthony Barker, along with Mike Polson and Ian Freeston, combined efforts in 1978 to form a research team at Sheffield University to find an alternative to electrical nerve stimulation. While at a neurophysiology/clinical meeting showcasing the magnetic stimulator, Anthony Barker and Reza Jalinous were asked, “What happens if you put the coil on your head?” Barker placed the coil on his head, fired the stimulator and subsequently elicited a motor response. This on the spot experiment led to the suggestion that Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation would replace Transcranial Electric Stimulation in the breakthrough publication of “Magnetic stimulation of the human brain” in the Lancet (A.T. Barker, R. Jalinous and I.L. Freeston). Their pioneering transcranial magnetic stimulation work was then taken up commercially by Novametrix Medical Systems Inc. In 1987, Novametrix Model 200 Magstim (first generation Magstim 200) received FDA clearance. (K871338).

According to The Brainclinics Foundation, “The invention of TMS: Reminiscing with Anthony Barker about his invention of TMS. Professor John Rothwell, who was one of the first to experience Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in London and understand its significance, reminisces about the early days of TMS in a conversation with Professor Anthony T. Barker, inventor of the technique. We wish to thank Professor John Rothwell for graciously making the interview available, Professor Anthony Barker for his advice and supplementary visual material, and a special thanks to Professor Shoogo Ueno.”

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