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The Magstim Rapid² is a single pulse and repetitive stimulator with high frequency capabilities. It is ideal for therapeutic applications as well as a wide variety of research fields.

There are two established versions of the system: Standard Rapid² (single PSU) and Super Rapid² (dual PSU), both are available as 230V or 110V.

The newest addition to the range is the Super Rapid² Plus1 (triple PSU), which is intended for applications such as theta burst where a higher power/frequency relationship is required.


    - Cognitive neuroscience
    - Psychiatry
    - Neurophysiology
    - Rehabilitation



    Peak Magnetic Field

    0.5 - 3.5 Tesla @ 100% output*

    Repetition Rate

      Single PSU
    • 50Hz @ 30% output
    • 30Hz @ 50% output
    • 18Hz @ 80% output
    • 15Hz @ 100% output
      Dual PSU
    • 100Hz @ 30% output
    • 50Hz @ 50% output
    • 30Hz @ 80% output
    • 25Hz @ 100% output

    Train Duration

    User selectable in 0.1s increments

    Output Type


    Pulse Width


    Upper Frequency 230V

    Single PSU - 50Hz

    Dual PSU - 100Hz

    Minimum Pulse Interval

    Single PSU - 20ms

    Dual PSU - 10ms

    Maximum Frequency at Maximum Power 230V

    Single PSU - 15Hz

    Dual PSU - 25Hz

    Mode of Operation


    Trigger Input / Output

    TTL, Active low or high (via D-type connector)

    Output Type

    • Integrated colour 'touch screen' display.
    • Integrated 2 channel MEP recording. †
    • Highly intuitive multi parameter software controlling three modes of system function:
      • Single Pulse
      • Repetitive
      • Burst
      • Session
    • Internal Secure Digital (SD) memory card slot to enable system data to be saved and interrogated externally.
    • Data Acquisition Software.
    • Easy upgrade path to future software releases.
    • Integrated File Management Software.

    * Stimulating coil dependant
    † Customer Option

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