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Magstim and PlatoScience Partnership: Advancing tDCS Technology

Magstim is proud to announce a strategic partnership with PlatoScience, a leading innovator in transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) technology. This collaboration combines Magstim’s expertise in neuromodulation with PlatoScience’s tDCS solutions. Through this partnership, Magstim is proud to offer PlatoScience’s tDCS devices, further expanding our portfolio of non-invasive neuromodulation solutions.

Both Magstim and PlatoScience are committed to providing educational initiatives, scientific studies, and training programs to support the adoption and understanding of tDCS technology.

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tDCS Technoloy – What is it?

The PlatoScience headset utilizes tDCS technology, which is part of a family of technologies called TES or transcranial electrical stimulation. This evidence-based, non-invasive neuromodulation technique is well documented to enhance neurological change through increasing neuroplasticity. tDCS works on two levels, both short term and long term, through mechanisms similar to long term potentiation. TES can be effectively integrated with other treatment modalities such as pharmacological interventions or psychotherapy.

Designed for comfort and to be used by patients at home, the PlatoScience tDCS headset is cost effective, user friendly and is controlled by an app. This allows for remote compliance monitoring, and remote configuration.

PlatoScience products are not standalone therapies, but rather supportive tools designed for professional and remote use of tDCS.

Why are Clinics Choosing Magstim PlatoScience tDCS?
  • Enhance patient care efficiency while optimizing time
  • Ensure consistent quality and continuity in cognitive treatment
  • Easy-to-use devices for clients during at-home sessions
  • High safety standards
  • Expand the reach and offerings of your practice

When purchasing PlatoScience tDCS with Magstim, professionals will receive the opportunity to become certified in the clinical applications of TES.

The TES course aims to educate researchers and clinicians on:

  • Scientific principles
  • TES equipment
  • Regulatory and legal frameworks
What's included?

The cost effective PlatoWork tDCS headset is designed to be used at home or in a clinical use setting.

The PlatoWork headset is:

  • Portable and lightweight
  • High quality
  • User-friendly
  • Controlled via an app
  • Cloud based for data transfer
  • Has 3 fixed electrode positions, ensuring correct placement
  • There are no ongoing costs with the device
  • No expensive consumables
Partnership info

PlatoScience is distributed by Magstim in the US.

File:Manufacturer.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Legal Manufacturer Details: PlatoScience ApS, Republikken Vesterbrogade 26, 1620 Copenhagen V, Denmark.

PlatoWork is registered as a Class I medical device under the Medical Device Directive, 93/42/EEC in the EU.


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