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Elevate patient care and advance your practice with the Magstim Horizon 3.0. The Horizon range has been designed with intuitive, user-friendly interfaces and treatment protocols, which provide clinicians and researchers with the flexibility to tailor stimulation parameters to individual patient needs, ensuring optimal treatment outcomes. Available with/without navigation. Horizon 3.0 is FDA cleared for clinical treatment of MDD, OCD, and decreasing Anxious Depression symptoms*. For a full list of indications, please click here.

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Integrated Navigation
Available with/without navigation
Data Analytics
Powerful data analytics to monitor patient treatment progress
Clinical Workflows
Preset clinical workflows for ease of use/delivering reliable treatments
No Pulse Decay
Correct and consistent dosage amounts with no pulse decay

Magstim TMS Stimulators

System Features

The Horizon 3.0 offers an array of advanced features designed to enhance clinical efficiency and treatment efficacy. It includes intuitive preset clinical workflows and customizable treatments to meet diverse patient needs. The system ensures treatment accuracy and leverages advanced integrated neuronavigation for precise targeting.

Powerful data analytics support informed decision-making, while correct and consistent dosage amounts with no pulse decay ensure reliable outcomes. Magstim’s air-cooled coil technology minimizes downtime and extra expenses, and the system provides consistent connected care across multiple sites.

Integrated Navigation with StimGuide Pro

The new StimGuide Pro integrated navigation is designed to improve coil positioning, where repeatability and accuracy matter the most. It features a new camera for enhanced accuracy and an improved navigation workflow. These advancements reduce the risk of off-target stimulation, ensuring consistent results. Additionally, the new Bluetooth anatomical pointer tool enhances the user experience.

Magstim TMS Coils

Air Cooled Coil Technology

Magstim TMS air cooled coil technology features dual high-power air-cooling, providing superior cooling capabilities. The E-z Cool Coil is capable of delivering back-to-back treatment protocols, minimizing downtime between patients. Additionally, the air cooling is automatically adjusted based on coil and room temperature, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Air cooled technology eliminates downtime and extra expenses making it the optimal coil choice for patient treatments.

Magstim Connect & Analytics

Consistent connected care across networked sites via cloud technology, even remotely managing patient treatment plans. Designed to enable multiple compatible TMS therapy systems to be managed by one central system. This allows treatment templates, patient records, and treatment history to be securely shared between treaters and treatment sites.


Features & Benefits

Benefits for Clinicians
  • State-of-the-art technology backed by Magstim’s legacy of innovation.
  • Streamlined treatment with an optimized software workflow.
  • Enhanced patient data management and connectivity through Magstim Connect.
Benefits for Patients
  • Comfortable and stable treatment experience with the electronically actuated Treatment Chair.
  • Precise and personalized treatment plans based on Motor Threshold assessment.
  • Cutting-edge technology for improved treatment outcomes and overall well-being.
  • A more comfortable pulse width. Shorter pulse widths can cause increased discomfort.
Treatment Chair

Electronically actuated devices are designed to allow movement for optimal patient comfort and stability during treatment. A specially designed headrest minimizes patient movement without compromising patient comfort, ensuring the head remains securely in place for precise TMS application.

Horizon 3.0 Cart

The Horizon 3.0 Cart features a coil holder and weightless counterbalance, allowing smooth movement and easy positioning of the coil during treatments.


Horizon 3.0 is FDA-cleared for clinical treatment of MDD, OCD, and decreasing Anxious Depression symptoms*.

*  The FDA has previously cleared the Magstim Horizon 3.0 TMS Therapy System for the treatment of depressive episodes for decreasing anxiety symptoms for those who may exhibit comorbid anxiety symptoms in adult patients suffering from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) – also known as Anxious Depression.

To view the full range of Magstim’s indications, please click here.

Motor Threshold Coil

Designed for motor threshold assessment. Controls located on the coil for ease of use.


Horizon 3.0 Brochure
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