D110 Cone Coil
D110 Cone Coil (DCC)

In 1992, Magstim created the first commercially available double cone coil (DCC). As the leading choice, Magstim’s double cone coils have been used in more than 1400 research publications*. The large angled, circular windings of the DCC significantly increase magnetic coupling and depth of magnetic field, compared to double and single coils. The DCC is compatible with all Magstim research stimulators.

*Based on Google Scholar search ‚ÄėMagstim double cone coil‚Äô

Rapid2 (Standard)
Super Rapid2
Super Rapid2 Plus1
Coil Cable Length
1.8 – 2m

A. Average inductance only. This should not be taken as the exact inductance of individual coils.

Not all companies measure field dynamics, strengths, coil dimensions etc in the same way.
For specific coil information please contact us directly. 

Illustrative example(s) of the magnetic field intensity and distribution

Example studies using the Magstim DCC

Dharmadasa, T., Matamala, J. M., Howells, J., Simon, N. G., Vucic, S., & Kiernan, M. C. (2019). The effect of coil type and limb dominance in the assessment of lower-limb motor cortex excitability using TMS. Neuroscience letters, 699, 84-90.

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Prashad, S., Dedrick, E. S., To, W. T., Vanneste, S., & Filbey, F. M. (2019). Testing the role of the posterior cingulate cortex in processing salient stimuli in cannabis users: an rTMS study. European Journal of Neuroscience, 50(3), 2357-2369.

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