D70² Coil
D70² Coil

The D70² Coil is a 70mm figure of eight design with overlapping windings to create a more focal and higher peak magnetic field compared with standard figure of eight coils. This design also offers increased efficiency, meaning nerves can be stimulated at lower stimulator outputs compared to a standard double 70mm coil. The coil is ergonomically designed for comfort of use during coil handling and is compatible with all Magstim research stimulators.


Rapid2 (Standard)
Super Rapid2
Super Rapid2 Plus1
Coil Cable Length

A. Average inductance only. This should not be taken as the exact inductance of individual coils.

Not all companies measure field dynamics, strengths, coil dimensions etc in the same way.
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Illustrative example(s) of the magnetic field intensity and distribution


Users in the USA, the Magstim D70² coil is a stimulating coil intended for use with the Magstim 200² Stimulating Unit or the Magstim Rapid² Stimulating Unit for the purpose of peripheral nerve stimulation for diagnostic purposes.

All other uses including the use of the D70² with the BiStim² and Super Rapid² Plus¹ are considered investigational. In accordance with US federal regulations an IDE and/or IRB approval may be required.