D70 MT Coil
D70 MT Coil

The D70 MT Coil is a handheld coil that matches the Air Film Coil (AFC) in both current direction and peak magnetic field. The coil is easy to maneuver and hold for extended periods of time.

The remote-control functions allow for easy pulse triggering and arming/disarming from the coil handle*.

This coil is recommended for use alongside the AFC on Magstim Rapid² stimulators.

* For Rapid2 stimulators pulse triggering and arm/disarm only

Rapid2 (Standard)
Super Rapid2
Super Rapid2 Plus1
Coil Cable Length
1.8 – 2m

A. Average inductance only.This should not be taken as the exact inductance of individual coils.

Not all companies measure field dynamics, strengths, coil dimensions etc in the same way.
For specific coil information please contact us directly. 

Illustrative example(s) of the magnetic field intensity and distribution

Users in the USA: CAUTION: Investigational device. Limited by Federal (or United States) Law to investigational use. In accordance with US federal regulations an IDE and/or IRB approval may be required.