Horizon 3.0
Imagine the most advanced clinical TMS system that puts you in control - to deliver tailored, repeatable treatments, every time, improving patient care and clinical workflow efficiencies.
Meet the Horizon 3.0 including StimGuide+ and Magstim Connect with Analytics

H3 is a new class of TMS technology. StimGuide+ enhances clinical workflows with navigated TMS and added layers of analytics – in an intuitive and versatile system.

“Our TMS patients have experienced a high-degree of success, allowing them to change their lives. We strive to provide the best technology for our patients. I have first-hand experience test driving all of the TMS systems on the market and I can now with confidence crown Magstim’s Horizon 3.0 with StimGuide + to be the best TMS system on the market today.”

Khaled Bowarshi, M.D.

Florida TMS Clinic

  • Pulse quality ‘score’ dashboard
  • Mobile accessible clinical rating scales
  • Patient specific protocols
  • Referral and patient response reporting
  • Connected care at all practice locations
Horizon 3.0 Options
Feature Horizon® 3.0 Horizon® 3.0
StimGuideHorizon® 3.0 +
Horizon® 3.0
StimGuideHorizon® 3.0 +
Magstim® Connect
Standard rTMS andiTBS protocols
Option for tailoring protocols
Proprietary algorithm delivers consistent simulation throughout treatment with no pulse decay
Ergonomic and secure coil positioning with enhanced braking system - arm stabilization
Increased coil lifetime
Modern, intuitive, adjustable touchscreen user interface (UI)
Efficient smart cooling capabilities for maximum patient output
Trigger in / out capabilities
Multi-layer real-time quality monitoring
Ez-MT®, 2-step motor threshold determination with EMG option
FDA cleared 3D navigation system for accurate, precise and consistent coil placement
Real-time XYZ tracking with four parameters - distance, contact, tilt and rotation
Powerful quality and pulse quality scores and treatment analytics
FDA registered medical device data system*
Downloadable patient response reporting for insurance and referral providers
Remote assignment of protocol and treatment templates
Mobile depression surveys and score input
Synchronized data between multiple devices in the HIPAA compliant cloud to support multi-site clinics

* Magstim connect is a Medical Device Data System that is exempt from the pre-market notification procedures as described in 21 CFR § 807, Subpart E. Magstim Connect is listed with the US FDA.