Magstim Connect with Analytics
Powerful Patient Data Management and Connected Care

Have confidence that with Magstim Connect with Analytics practitioners and technicians can now deliver consistent connected care at all networked sites, including creating patient treatment plans and protocols remotely!

Powerful Patient Data Management System for TMS delivering consistent connected care at all networked sites
  • Remotely manage patient protocols and analyze treatment outcomes
  • Downloadable patient response reporting for insurance and referral providers
  • Scalable practice management
  • Interoperability with Electronic Health Records via Download feature
  • Generate branded reports
  • FDA Registered Medical Device Data System*
  • Synchronized data between multiple devices in the HIPAA compliant cloud to support multi-site clinics
Magnify your practice and patient care with the Horizon 3.0, including Stimguide+ and Magstim Connect with Analytics by Magstim – the original TMS architects

Magstim Connect is a Medical Device Data System that is exempt from the pre-market notification procedures as described in 21 CFR § 807, Subpart E. Magstim Connect is listed with the US FDA.