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Patient Stories
Rediscover the Color of Life

Magstim TMS Therapy has changed the lives of so many people with depression. It is amazing to read how patients are rediscovering the color of life with the help of Magstim TMS Therapy.

This is just one reason why we do what we do. Discover some of their inspiring stories for yourself.

“After three weeks of TMS, I was sleeping less during the day, becoming more involved in my family and their lives again and I noticed the absence of the negative voices in my head. Now, [at the time of writing], I can honestly say that I feel a sense of true contentment. My head feels clearer and my burdens seem lighter. In addition, I’ve been successful at tapering down my antidepressants to less than a fourth my original dose.”

“[TMS Therapy] gives me the opportunity to actually live my life for the first time.”

“They said ‘something’s different about you and whatever it is, we like it.’”