Introducing StimGuide+. The next level in clinical TMS navigation that includes all of StimGuide's original features plus improved workflows, advanced pulse quality analytics and intuitive treatment dashboards.

StimGuide was the first FDA cleared clinical 3D navigation system designed for the clinical setting to help you stay on target, and guide you to the precise treatment target by aligning all 4 parameters — Contact, Distance, Tilt and Rotation — Contact alone will not ensure that you stay on target.


  • Clinical Efficiencies — streamlined anatomical landmark registration improves workflow and reduces variability
  • Automated Quality Control — pulse quality ‘score’ for treatment overview with option to deliver additional pulses
  • Treatment Flexibility — add patient specific landmark references
  • Enhanced Multi-layer Quality Monitoring — in real-time
The Magstim Difference

Horizon 3.0 and StimGuide+ offer powerful treatment insights — promoting quality control and consistency to further advance your practice and optimize outcomes.

Horizon 3.0 with StimGuide+ delivers precise and consistent coil positioning treatment for optimum rTMS therapy
  • Alerts when patient movement displaces optimal coil positioning
  • Provides a treatment ‘quality’ score at the end of each session
  • Calculates the number of extra trains needed to reach 100%
    ‘treatment on target’ if the coil is displaced
  • Monitors ALL FOUR coil position parameters throughout
    the treatment
StimGuide green