Horizon – Advanced, Intuitive TMS

Discover the Magstim Horizon TMS range, a series of advanced transcranial magnetic stimulation systems designed to meet the diverse needs of modern clinical practices. The Horizon range offers unparalleled precision, ease of use, and reliability, providing clinicians with powerful tools to treat various neurological and psychiatric conditions, including depression, OCD, and more. View full list of indications by clicking here. The Horizon series is built on Magstim’s legacy of innovation and excellence, ensuring superior performance and patient outcomes. Explore the future of TMS therapy with the Magstim Horizon TMS range, where advanced technology and clinical expertise elevate patient care.

Our dedicated sales and support team is ready to provide you with a free virtual demonstration of the Horizon TMS devices, showcasing their features and benefits. Experience firsthand how our advanced TMS technology can enhance your clinical practice and improve patient outcomes.

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Magstim TMS H3.0 With Stimguide Pro

Horizon 3.0 Series

  • Intuitive preset clinical workflows
  • Available with navigated and customizable treatments
  • Treatment accuracy
  • Powerful data analytics
  • Correct and consistent dosage amounts with no pulse decay
  • Connected care across networked sites
  • Air cooled technology eliminates downtime and extra expenses
  • No pay-per-use plans

Horizon 3.0 Series

Magstim TMS Lite

Horizon Lite

  • Intuitive, easy to use, cost effective
  • Perfect TMS entry-level device for your clinic
  • Compact and straightforward installation
  • Power controls located directly on the coil for ease of use for motor threshold mapping
  • Air cooled technology eliminates downtime and extra expenses
  • Portable and easy to move between treatment rooms
  • No pay-per-use plans

Horizon Lite

Integrated Navigation
Available with/without navigation, for consistent results
Data Analytics
Powerful data analytics to monitor patient treatment progress
Clinical Workflows
Preset clinical workflows for ease of use/delivering reliable treatments
No Pulse Decay
Correct and consistent dosage amounts with no pulse decay

Horizon TMS Therapy


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