Magstim TMS Therapy

We believe in delivering high performance, versatile, TMS solutions so that you can provide the best treatment for your patients.

The Magstim® TMS therapy range provides cost-effective solutions as well as all-inclusive high-end packages; to fit a variety of business needs. If you are interested in buying a TMS therapy system, Request a quote online or contact our specialists to discuss your requirements.


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  • Magstim TMS Therapy

    Horizon® Lite

    Intuitive, simple to operate and cost-effective; the Horizon® Lite package offers a perfect entry-level TMS system to set-up your TMS clinic today.

    The Horizon® Lite package offers the benefits of the Horizon® stimulator but in a competitive low-entry package option.

  • Magstim TMS Therapy

    Horizon® Performance

    A comprehensive TMS therapy system. The Horizon Performance features the new E-z Cool Coil with an Intelligent coil cooling system which adjusts to the temperature of the coil providing uninterrupted protocols and a faster patient throughput.

    Safe, secure & versatile, the E-z arm provides effortless manoeuvrability of the coil which can be held securely at almost any position.

    Are your TMS patients …

  • Magstim TMS Therapy , Accessories

    TMS Patient Cap

    The TMS cap is designed to aid in determining and repeating landmark locations, allowing consistent coil placement.

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