Horizon Performance
Horizon Performance

FDA cleared for Theta Burst (3 minute) protocol as well as the 19 and 37.5 minute TMS protocols.

The Horizon Performance package combines advanced coil cooling using the E-z Cool Coil with weightless positioning to provide a powerful, versatile and complete TMS Therapy package suitable for high patient-throughputs.

Safe, secure and versatile, its E-z Arm provides effortless maneuverability of the coil which can be held securely at almost any position.

  • Performance | Proprietary Energy Recovery System delivers consistent stimulation throughout treatment
  • Effortless | Weightless, secure & versatile coil positioning
  • Versatile | Treat patients with a higher motor threshold and adjust power with no interruption to treatment protocol
  • Comfort | Optimized for patient comfort – better patient tolerability reported compared with other TMS systems1
  • Efficient | Increased cooling capabilities for maximum patient throughput featuring 19-minute protocol
  • Ergonomic | Hand-held coil for motor threshold assessment with power controls located directly on the coil

¹Lonergan B, Nguyen E, Lembo C, Hinchman C, Et al. “Patient- and Technician-Oriented Attitudes Toward Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Devices.” Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, 2018; 30:3, 242-245