Magstim 2002
Magstim 2002

In 1987 the first commercially available TMS stimulator was developed and has evolved into today’s 200². These stimulators have been used in over 10,000 published research articles*. The 200² delivers single, monophasic pulses, has a simple user interface, and is easily integrated with external triggering and neuronavigation systems. 

*based on Google scholar search ‘Magstim 200’- July 2020

Compatible coils
  • D70 Alpha Coil

  • Alpha Flat Coated Range (D40, D50, D60, D70)

  • Alpha BI Coated Range (D40, D50, D60, D70)

  • D702 Coil

  • D110 Cone Coil

  • D70 Remote Coil

  • S90 Circular Coil

  • S90 Remote Coil

Examples of research conducted using Magstim 200²

Investigations of corticospinal tract excitability

Oliviero, A., Profice, P., Tonali, P. A., Pilato, F., Saturno, E., Dileone, M., … & Di Lazzaro, V. (2006). Effects of aging on motor cortex excitability. Neuroscience research55(1), 74-77.

Cortical mapping

Uy, J., Ridding, M. C., & Miles, T. S. (2002). Stability of maps of human motor cortex made with transcranial magnetic stimulation. Brain topography14(4), 293-297

Motor cortex plasticity research

Tyč, F., & Boyadjian, A. (2011). Plasticity of motor cortex induced by coordination and training. Clinical Neurophysiology122(1), 153-162.

Peripheral nerve stimulation

HARRIS, M. L., LUO, Y. M., WATSON, A. C., RAFFERTY, G. F., POLKEY, M. I., GREEN, M., & MOXHAM, J. (2000). Adductor pollicis twitch tension assessed by magnetic stimulation of the ulnar nerve. American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine162(1), 240-245.

Pairing of single TMS pulses with peripheral electrical stimulation in paired associative stimulation (PAS) research

Foysal, K. R., & Baker, S. N. (2019). A hierarchy of corticospinal plasticity in human hand and forearm muscles. The Journal of physiology597(10), 2729-2739.

Phrenic nerve stimulation research using coordinated stimulation with two 200²s and two coils

Luo, Y. M., Mustfa, N., Lyall, R. A., Man, W. D. C., Glerant, J. C., Polkey, M. I., & Moxham, J. (2002). Diaphragm compound muscle action potential measured with magnetic stimulation and chest wall surface electrodes. Respiratory physiology & neurobiology130(3), 275-283.

TMS evoked EEG recordings research, when paired with EEG technology

Boenstrup, M., Cohen, L. G., & Hussain, S. J. (2019). Beta rhythm events predict corticospinal motor output. BioRxiv.

The papers listed above are publicly available and not endorsed by Magstim. Magstim did not engage in generating, or editing this scientific content. Scientific content remains the intellectual property of the authors.

Users in the USA, The Magstim 200² is FDA 510(k) cleared for the stimulation of peripheral nerves for diagnostic purposes. All other uses are considered investigational. In accordance with US federal regulations an IDE and/or IRB approval may be required.