In 1990, Magstim developed the first paired-pulse stimulator, called the BiStim which evolved into the BiStim². The BiStim² combines two 200² monophasic stimulators connected via a BiStim² module, to deliver paired pulses through one coil. The BiStim² delivers paired pulses with independent stimulation intensities (e.g. a subthreshold conditioning pulse and suprathreshold test pulse), and an inter-pulse interval that can be adjusted by 0.1ms increments down to a minimum interval of 1ms.

Compatible coils
  • D70 Alpha Coil

  • Alpha Flat Coated Range (D40, D50, D60, D70)

  • Alpha BI Coated Range (D40, D50, D60, D70)

  • D702 Coil

  • D110 Cone Coil

  • D70 Remote Coil

  • S90 Circular Coil

  • S90 Remote Coil

Examples of research conducted using the BiStim²

Intracortical facilitation and inhibition research

Hunter, S. K., McNeil, C. J., Butler, J. E., Gandevia, S. C., & Taylor, J. L. (2016). Short-interval cortical inhibition and intracortical facilitation during submaximal voluntary contractions changes with fatigue. Experimental brain research234(9), 2541-2551.

Combined with EEG recordings for measuring TMS-evoked intracortical facilitation and inhibition EEG potentials

Premoli, I., Király, J., Müller-Dahlhaus, F., Zipser, C. M., Rossini, P., Zrenner, C., … & Belardinelli, P. (2018). Short-interval and long-interval intracortical inhibition of TMS-evoked EEG potentials. Brain stimulation11(4), 818-827.

Interhemispheric stimulation when used as two 200²s with two coils and an external trigger

Nelson, A. J., Hoque, T., Gunraj, C., Ni, Z., & Chen, R. (2009). Bi-directional interhemispheric inhibition during unimanual sustained contractions. BMC neuroscience10(1), 31.

Investigation of the role of cortical facilitatory and inhibitory circuits on interhemispheric inhibition through paired and triple pulse paradigms using components from two BiStim stimulators

Udupa, K., Ni, Z., Gunraj, C., & Chen, R. (2010). Effect of long interval interhemispheric inhibition on intracortical inhibitory and facilitatory circuits. The Journal of physiology588(14), 2633-2641.

Simultaneous firing mode for high intensity single pulse stimulation or single pulse studies on subjects with high motor thresholds (113% power compared to a standard 200² stimulator at 100% power)

Yacyshyn, A. F., Woo, E. J., Price, M. C., & McNeil, C. J. (2016). Motorneuron responsiveness to corticospinal tract stimulation during the silent period induced by transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Experimental brain research234(12), 3457-3463.

Externally triggered paired pulse protocols (e.g. via MATLAB) to deliver specifically timed paired pulses (up to 0.25Hz) with individually defined inter-pulse intervals

Du, X., Summerfelt, A., Chiappelli, J., Holcomb, H. H., & Hong, L. E. (2014). Individualized brain inhibition and excitation profile in response to paired-pulse TMS. Journal of motor behavior46(1), 39-48).

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