Take your Performance to the next level with StimGuide – the first FDA-cleared TMS navigation system designed for the clinical setting.

The Horizon Performance with StimGuide navigated TMS package ensures simpleprecise and consistent coil positioning by aligning 4 parameters – contact, XY location, tilt and rotation.

StimGuide also features E-z MT, a simplified motor threshold determination process with an EMG option.

"StimGuide is a Gamechanger. Since using StimGuide I have never had a patient say that the coil isn't in the right spot"
Dr Brian Forsythe
Dallas Psychiatry and TMS Center
  • Contact is only one of the 4 parameters used for positioning. StimGuide steers you to your precise treatment target by aligning contact, XY location, tilt, and rotation
  • Green indicator appears when all 4 parameters are aligned
  • Simple 3D positioning without an MRI
  • Quality control - even with multiple technicians the treatment target for each patient remains the same
  • Simplify motor threshold determination with 2-step E-z MT
  • EMG (Electromyography) option available